About Payroll Leadership Network

Our purpose is to create a Social Support Network through events and digital platforms for Payroll leaders to interact with one another. 


We plan regular events where Payroll Leaders can get together and socialise, network and make new friends. Our website also provides member-only forums where members can interact with other members. 


Focusing only on providing a social platform, we don’t provide consultancy, sell products or services or provide education and updates. We leave those to other industry groups that currently provide those services. 


We are a non-profit, community based organisation and do not charge membership fees.

Daniel Watson - Founding Member

Following in his mother's footsteps, Daniel first started his payroll career in 1996 after joining a large retailer as a Junior Payroll Officer and he’s never looked back. 


During his career, Daniel has led a number of complex payroll functions, provided consultancy and advisory services and has worked for vendors and in outsourcing. 


Daniel is truly passionate about Payroll and aims to help businesses recognise the importance of this critical function.

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