Who owns the Payroll Leadership Network?

We are technically not owned by anyone. The concept was developed by Daniel Watson and Rebecca Ryan and is currently run as a joint project. 

Is the Payroll Leadership Network a Business?

No. We are not a registered business and we do not sell products or services. Event ticket purchses are handled by a third party ticketing system. GST collected via our ticketing partners is remitted by them directly to the ATO. 


Who can join?

The community is targeted towards Payroll Leaders such as Payroll Managers and Payroll Directors. However, we welcome anyone within the industry to join as long as they have an interest in being a Payroll Leader. 

I'm a recruiter or a represenative of a Paryoll vendor, can i join?

Yes. We simply ask that you remember that this community is about our members. Members have the right to speak freely.

If you have concerns about information being posted by a member, contact us. 

I'm not from Australia, can I still join?

Yes. Just remember, most members are from Australia and content will typically reflect Australian Payroll. 

Is there a cost to joining?

No. Membership is free.


What happens to the information i provide you when signing up?

Nothing. It remains within our website management system, Wix. 

Do you share my details with recruiters, vendors or anyone else?

No. Never!​


Is there a cost for events?

Yes and No - this depends on the event.


Some events may require you to purchase a ticket from our site. This is to cover the cost of the event. We do not charge anything more than the cost of the event. Events like this will usually include drinks and/or food. 

Some tickets will be free, however in these cases food and beverage costs are paid for by the attending member. 

Our ticketing system (event brite) will clearly show if this is a free or paid event. It will also detail what is and is not included. 

Why has your ticketing system charged me a fee?

For events that require you to purchase a ticket, our ticketing system (event brite) will include a very small administration fee. This is the fee that event brite charges us to use their system. We do not add any additional fee. 

Free tickets do not incurr a fee. 

Why do i need a ticket to an event?

Tickets are a way for us to control the number of people attending events. Some venues limit the number of attendees to events. 

Do I need to bring the ticket?

Yes. We will scan your ticket. ​

You can either print them or simply show the barcode on your phone. 

Can i bring a colleague?

Yes, just make sure you select the correct number of tickets. Each attendee must have a ticket. 


Who can post to a forum?

Any registered member. ​

Who can read posts and reply?

Any registered member. ​